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Game freezes when checking into resort. Googling a bit and found that self-employed sim is causing the issue. Hmmmmmmmmm

— 9 months ago
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Played Leon chapter 4 for the PC online event. I decided to stop chasing Carla before Chris and Leon’s fight as I had never tried this. And… nothing happened. Just Carla talking on invisible phone in that small room in the corner. 

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I love all the details and buildings in SC2013 but it’s the first simcity game that made me feel…bored, since the good old days I played simcity 2000 on SNES in the 90s. Mainly because the map size is too damn small and there’s no terraforming. Now I just hope that EA could fix the ridiculously stupid traffic AI, release larger map dlc and NOT charging us USD35 for that.

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